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The New Standard in Financial Health for Women

We partner with leaders that believe in women’s financial health. Why?

Financially Healthy Women = Empowered women = Empowered organizations

62% of women have expressed feeling some kind of financial stress, compared to 53% of men

Burnout rates for women are high, leading to less productivity.

Only one in five women (20%) are Financially Healthy versus 29% of men

Shame, anxiety, and burdensome debt are common among those who struggle financially.

Don’t believe the above statistics?

Try surveying the women within your organization.

Real Change Starts within.

Mindset work and budgeting alone won't cut it. In order for women to see real, long-term change in their financial health they have to learn how to change their behaviors.

Renewed Wealth Therapy is on a mission to increase financial health for over a hundred women in the next year.

Our innovative approach to financial therapy is designed by women for women. Are you ready to join us?

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Workshops are tailored to your organization's needs. Nashira will come to your organization and present based on financial topics of your choice (e.g. taxes, money management, financial stress, etc.)


Sponsor An Employee

Financial Health From The Inside Out is a transformational program aimed at helping professional women achieve financial success. Sponsor one or more of the women in your organization to join the 6-month cohort.



Scholarships make it possible for more women to participate in the Financial Success From The Inside Out program by providing financial aid to those who need it. You can donate to a scholarship here.

We believe Women's Relationship with Money CAN Change.

  • Partnering together improves their mental health, which in turn improves productivity and overall goal attainment.
  • Women who experience improved mental health are more likely to be retained by an organization that offers financial health benefits.
  • Financial health benefits show that they cared for and valued as a human being.
  • Staying ahead of the competition with a non cookie cutter financial wellness benefit.

About Nashira

Nashira Lynton is a financial expert who holds a graduate certificate in financial therapy.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nashira became a mom at the early age of 18. She put herself through college and graduated with a Master's degree and nearly $60,000 worth of debt.

Like many of her clients, she struggled committing to goals without dealing with the emotional and relational aspect of money. Her financial behaviors were the reflection of the brokenness and disappointments that eventually led her to Kansas State University where she completed a certification in financial therapy.

Since then Nashira has paid off over $60,000 and built a Net Worth of 6 figures.

After 14 years in corporate America Nashira is now going back into the professional world to help clients break free. She is on a mission to increase financial health for over a hundred women in the next year.

Nashira is helping women stop fighting their past, their emotions, and instead start practicing more confidence while living a life where their values inspire their financial choices.

Praise for

Renewed Wealth Therapy



"Nashira's financial therapy helped our clients save and make more money. [They] loved how she reframed money and wealth, uniquely taught budgeting and money management, and gave them a safe space to explore their deeper relationship to their finances.

Whether it's 1:1 work or group training, Nashira truly knows how to support people of all wealth backgrounds experience greater financial freedom and control."



"Nashira recently gave a presentation to our Hive members (women in business) while she was in town, and I was so impressed with her down-to-earth, yet knowledgeable approach. She was relatable while delivering valuable insights to help us each understand our relationship with money and how it affects the decisions we make both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her as a speaker and teacher!"

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